On October 4th, 1830, Belgium declared its independence from the Netherlands : "Provinces of Belgium, violently detached from Holland, will be an independent State". Leopold of Saxe-Coburg became the first King of the Belgians on July 21, 1831, which became the national Belgian holiday.

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When people think about visiting Europe, they do not always think about Belgium. And when they do, they do not always know what Belgium really is about.

But in fact, when they’re trying to plan what to see in Belgium they could well find themselves spoilt for choice. Belgium is a country that has seen the flourishing of major artistic movements that have had tremendous influence on European art and culture.

This website is intended to help you discover the best Belgium has to offer, from culture to fashion, from music to food, from architecture to historical monuments and places. Discover here amazing products from Belgium, Belgian artists with unique talents and some hot spots. Our goal is to offer you a broad view on things and people that make Belgium an exceptional place to live or to visit.

So for anyone planning a visit to Belgium or one of its major cities, such as Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges, Liège, Mons, or Ghent, if you want to make the most of your trip, our selection highlighting the things, places and people that make Belgium could be just the thing for you. It could just be a little inspiration to help you decide if it's worthed to visit Belgium soon on a short trip.

For the nostalgic visitors of Belgium or any curious consumer, we plan to open our online store spring 2015 to offer you the opportunity to have a little piece of Belgium at home and buy some products you find here on BBB.

In the meantime, stay tuned ... and enjoy Belgium !

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