Cuberdons Leopold

"If the Walloon and Flemish gourmet sometimes argue the origin of cuberdon, they are unanimous on one point: its taste is unique and inimitable.

The real cuberdon consists of a thin outer crust that bursts in the mouth and subtly delivers a refined and sugary syrup. It should be enjoyed within 8 weeks after manufacture, to keep all his fondant.

The traditional cuberdon is obtained from a raspberry flavor, which gives it a pretty purple color.

An essential ingredient in its manufacture is the famous arabic gum. This invaluable gum is harvested mainly in Saharan Africa, from the sap of trees of the acacias family. World War II came close to throwing the cuberdon into oblivion due to the shortage of arabic gum. From the re-supply of this raw material in 1946, a few faithful confectioners who remembered the recipe revived their production.

Today, the composition of cuberdon is considered the best kept secret of the Kingdom of Belgium and its realization is known only to very few artisans."

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Pierre Marcolini

Pierre Marcolini opened his first workshop in 1994. The company has a factory in Sablon, one of the most prestigious places in Brussels. Marcolini controls production "from the bean to the shelf." He makes handmade coverage, the raw material for chocolate, produced from cocoa beans, and selects its suppliers whose plants are located in Brazil, Ecuador or Mexico. The company employs 350 staff members and has 24 stores, primarily located in Brussels, London, Tokyo and Paris. 

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Visit Pierre Marcolini's flagship store : Place du Grand Sablon, Rue des Minimes 1, 1000 Bruxelles.

Brussels Beer Project

Brussels Beer Project aims to co-create atypical beers inspired by both Belgian "savoir-faire" and new influences. They wish to involve in their adventure as many as possible "beer lovers". They launched the #beerforlife crowdfunding initiative. For €140, more than 365 crowdfunders had the opportunity to get 12 beers every year ... for their entire life. The founders of the Brussels Beer Project are now looking to build their own new micro-brewery in Brussels. In the meantime they are glad to brew their own beers at Bier Anders.

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Cuvée Seigneur Ruffus

Few people would consider Belgium as a wine producing country, and certainly not for sparkling wines. But you could be surprised ... and Cuvée Seigneur Ruffus is a big suprise !

The vineyard Domaine des Agaises is located in the town of Estinnes, a few kilometers east of the city of Binche. Its 18 hectares with more than 180,000 vines, allows the vineyard of Domaine des Agaises to be known as the largest wine producer in Belgium with a production reaching more than 100.000 bottles a year.

Although it can’t actually be called champagne (this designation is reserved to sparkling wines from the French Champagne region), Cuvée Seigneur Ruffus is produced using the méthode traditionnelle, meaning the same process used to produce sparkling wine in Champagne. It is a light, elegant and refreshing sparkling wine.

And it's working good ! So good in fact that the production is too low to meet the growing demand and Cuvée Seigneur Ruffus wins year after year gold and silver medals at prestigious European wine competitions.

The most important wine of the vineyard is Seigneur Ruffus "Blanc de Blanc" : its is a Belgian sparkling wine made ​​from 100% Chardonnay. This wine is made in the traditional method with a second fermentation and aging on lath minimum 12 months. It has a very low dosage of 7g per liter of sugar, which gives it characteristics intermediate between gross and extra gross.

You can visit the vineyard Domaine des Agaises during the Open Door Days : Rue E. Lefèbure 18, 7120 Haulchin.

The wines are available at several wine shops in Brussels, Mig's World Wines (Chaussée de Charleroi 43) and Rob (Boulevard de la Woluwe 28) among others.

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Maison Dandoy

At Maison Dandoy, they want to make your senses twinkle and dance. With oven-fresh biscuits rich in flavor, sweet in scent and capricious in figure. All their guilty pleasures are handmade in their Brussels' atelier, with 100% natural ingredients. As they are used to say, they are making them just like their great-great-great grandfather did already 180 years ago, with skill and care in a truly artisanal way.

In 1829, Jean-Baptiste Dandoy, a young baker craftsman set up the biscuit firm which still carries his name today. Settled at number 31 in the house De Peerle (The Pearl), Biscuiterie Dandoy was in 1900 one of the busiest shops of rue au Beurre, just halfway from the Grand Place to the Bourse.

The success of the rusks around the Brussels area has eventually helped the biscuit firm survive the economical and financial crisis of the 1930's as well as go through World War II, during which Dandoy was only allowed to use flour for producing its rusks. It is in the fifties, and especially from the sixties, that Biscuiterie Dandoy went for a real rise, impulsed by Valère and Fernande Rombouts-Dandoy and by their son Jean, the only fifth generation member of the biscuit firm founders. A new workshop, bigger and more modern, was built a few hundreds yards from there, not far from the Port of Brussels, where it is still standing today.

Some hundred heighty-five years and six generations after its inception, the same Dandoy family is still running the biscuit firm without ever having yielded to the temptation of turning to a large-scale industrial production. Maison Dandoy offers you certainly the most delicious biscuits you will ever eat.