Stromae ("Maestro" in slang) whose real name is Paul Van Haver, born March 12th, 1985 in Etterbeek (Brussels Capital Region), is a singer-songwriter and Belgian producer of hip-hop, electronic music and French song.

Stromae was born in Belgium from a Rwandan father and a Belgian mother. His father died in April 1994 in the Rwandan genocide. Her mother raised alone in Brussels a family of four sons and a daughter. At the age of eleven, Stromae enrolled at the Music Academy of Jette. And at the age of 15 he chose the pseudonym Opsmaestro to start in the world of rap. His nickname is similar to another artist, he decided to change and chose Stromae. At eighteen, he formed the group company Suspicion with the rapper Jedi and they composed two songs and a video . Nevertheless Jedi decided to leave the duo, marking the beginning of the solo career of Stromae.

It is in 2009 that the first consecration comes with the release of his first album, Cheese, and the song Alors on danse which is an unexpected commercial success with the song reaching the top of the charts in dozens of countries.

In 2013 he released his second album, Racine Carrée, and it is not only a critical but also a huge commercial success. His fame extends far beyond the borders of Belgium, with international consecration such as his first North American tour, with no fewer than 13 dates in major US and Canadian cities.

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Stromae - Papaoutai

Stromae - Formidable


Puggy is a band formed back in 2004, when French bassist Romain Descampe and English vocalist Matthew Irons met Swedish drummer Egil "Ziggy" Franzén at a jazz school in Brussels. For this reason the band considers itself Belgian in origin. The band has released three albums.

Puggy has toured all over the world, opening for prestigious bands such as Smashing Pumpkins, Incubus and Deep Purple. Their first album, Dubois Died Today, was released on independent label Talkieo in 2007. In 2010, their follow-up album, Something You Might Like, was released and it resulted in three music videos, for the songs "I Do", "When You Know" and "How I Needed you".

In 2013, the band released to Mercury Records their third album To Win The World, certified platinum in Belgium. They have toured in 2013 and 2014 in France, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands and played sold-out at Forest National in Brussels (9000 people).

They are currently working on their 4th album, set to be released in 2015.

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Puggy - To Win The World

Puggy's first single on their third and new album "To Win The World"

Girls in Hawaii

Girls in Hawaii is a Belgian indie pop band. In 2000, Antoine Wielemans and Lionel Vancauwenberghe began recording songs on an 8 track-recorder, and a few months later they formed the band by recruiting their brothers: Denis Wielemans and Brice Vancauwenberghe, and two friends: Christophe Léonard and Daniel Offermann.

Girls in Hawaii's first release was Found in the Ground: The Winter EP in early 2003, after which the band toured through Belgium and France. In the meantime, they started recording what would become their first LP.

From Here To There was released in November 2003 in Belgium and in early 2004 in the rest of Europe. It was well-received across Europe, where the band went on a promotional tour, through Belgium, France, Italy, Germany and Spain. The record was later released in Japan, and in October 2005 China Shop Music released it in the United States. The band did a short tour on the West Coast of the USA in April 2006.

Their second full-length album, Plan Your Escape, released in February 2008 in Europe, is more complex and eclectic than the previous one and contains twelve songs, among them, the first single This Farm Will End Up in Fire. In 2010 a tragedy happened and 28 years old drummer Denis Wielemans died in a car accident in Brussels.

Their third album, Everest, was released in September 2013. The first EP is called Misses and their second single, Not Dead. In the summer of 2014, they released the third EP, called Refuge.

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Girls in Hawaii - Not dead