The Belgian design brand Indera and the creative agency Mooz launched together a new label called Moome. This young label produces design furniture and functional accessories for the home.


Moome stands for compact and affordable contemporary design and, in addition to quality design furniture, also offers interior accessories.


National and international designers, both established names as well as young talent, collaborate with the brand to produce qualitative products. Karlien Imants, who designed the Aude fauteuil, and Nathalie Dewez, who designed the 'Ali' table lamp and the 'Disk' floor lamp, also joined the team of designers working with the new Belgian brand.


In their factory in Belgium, experienced furniture makers use only the best materials to realize these furniture. Moome allows no compromises in terms of comfort and quality.


NoMoreTwist is textile design studio in Brussels composed of 3 young designers : Michèle, Anne and Marie. The NoMoreTwist project is a place for collective research as well as a brand of textile objects.

"The brand’s DNA is textile. Each new production considers the thread itself, its thickness, texture, colour and, above all, the various ways of interlocking it. Developing different weaves is at the heart of NoMoreTwist’s work, posing a continual challenge to design new and amazing fabrics. They are then highlighted within collections of throws, cushions, large floor cushions,… And all 100% made in Belgium. With this little "twist" characteristic, the objects bring a touch of originality and colour, giving character to any interior".

NoMoreTwist also offers its expertise to object designers, stylists or architects interested in tailored design.