Petite Abeille

When Yves Jadot left his humble Belgium in pursuit of the American dream, little did he know that “you can take the man out of Belgium but not the Belgium out of the man”. What followed for Yves in the States were the successful and popular Petite Abeille Belgian cafes, each capturing the spirit of Belgium yet each reflecting the unique essence of the local neighborhoods in which they are situated.

Very quickly New Yorkers fell in love as did visitors. Petite Abeille serves home-style Belgian dishes much like those served by grand-mere or grootmoeder (depending on whether she spoke Flemish of French) in her home. With meals like the classic Belgian waffles, stoemp saucisse (Belgian sausage with mashed-potatoes), Croque Monsieur (the gourmet ham and cheese sandwich), Carbonnade Flamande (Stew and fries) and Grand-Mere mussels, diners revel in comfort food that connects them to others looking for nostalgia and a well-satiated appetite.

The restaurant evokes the Belgian experience through its white and blue checkered table cloths, the aromas emanating from the kitchen and the 60 beers (some of which have been produced by the hands of Trappist monks). Yet, things are not as innocent as they may appear at first blush. Much like the Belgians, there is humor and saucy thoughts on culture and politics expressed through Belgium’s favorite native son: Tintin!

The cafe invites you to kick back and relax as you enjoy Belgian beer and food under the guiding hand of our little bee “Petite Abeille”.