Michael Bihain

Michaël Bihain studied interior design first at the St Luc Institute in Liège and then at the University of Hull in England. He is currently working with companies and distribution firms on developing furniture, jewels and accessories. 

He has set up the BIHAINprod studio in London which deals exclusively with the conception of unique creations for private customers. Michaël Bihain also produces some of his products such as ‘OYON’, the first mural fruit basket (see picture).

He currently teaches furniture conception at the St Luc Institute. His works are regularly showed at exhibitions in Paris, London, Milan and some of his pieces are part of the permanent collection of the Seoul’s Design Museum. He has been nominated for the Award Design Report in Milan 2007 and has been chosen to design the furniture of the British Council in Paris.  

In Michaël Bihain’s world, you can see dancing shelves (Let’s Dance), fruits becoming an integral part of our walls (Oyon), a chair on which you wouldn’t dare sit (Paradise Chair) or even a chair (Mosquito) so alive that you could have a conversation with. 

Michael’s conceptions represent the convergence point between the new ways of life and the collective memory. They are the fulfilment of his desire to design respectable furniture for free individuals. A characteristic element of his research is the obviousness of the lines obtained.

Michael Bihain has offices in Brussels and a workshop in Louveigné, in the South of Belgium.

Visit his website : www.bihain.com

Thierry Bataille

Thierry Bataille is a graduate of the school of visual and plastic arts of Mons.

To cut products (shelving, valets, lighting, clocks ...), he uses natural materials (birch, beech, maple) or wood materials. To stand out from other products on the market, he offers furniture that have very little or no trivial hardware.

He works with new technologies (laser cutting and CNC) to produce constantly innovative furniture, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Thierry continues its path by selling more and more products throughout Europe and thus exporting our knowledge and know-how.