Lost Frequencies - Are you with me (2014)

Lost Frequencies first single. Video released September 2nd, 2014.

Kennedy's Bridge

Kennedy's Bridge is a pop rock band that consists of five young guys from Liège (East of Belgium), Pierrot, Bastien, William, Charles and Benedict, aged 20 and 21. Their first clip pop rock single Way to the Mist was a hit on social networks when it appeared on May 18, 2012 and has been viewed in the first three days more than 10,000 times.

Their music is like the song Way to The Mist : particularly well licked. Shot entirely in one day in Liège, the slightly hazy pictures of the video take you into daydreaming while being carried by the angelic voice of Pierrot.

Formed in 2008, Kennedy's Bridge are five friends who met at the College Saint-Servais in Liège. For nearly six years now, they are regularly on stages. They started in the cellars of their youth organization (Scouts de Belgique), then in some bars, before receiving their first access to major local events such as the Sart-Tilman Unifestival or Fiesta Rock in Flemalle. They played last summer at the Brussels Summer Festival, one of Belgium major musical event in the Summer.

Kennedy's Bridge - Way to the Mist

Kennedy's Bridge first video, shot in Liège (Belgium) and released on May 18, 2012.